Peddle On…

I did it. I finally completed what I think is a unifying experience among college students: the infamous All-Nighter. However, I cannot take full credit I was helped along by my trusty friend Caffeine; 3 iced coffees, four diet cokes, and half a bag a 64 ounce bag of peanut M&Ms. As expected, the crash has yet to hit so I am still flying high on my caffeine binge, but don’t worry; it will hit hard and fast soon enough.

 As I currently write this at approximately 10:04 a.m. I have been up approximately 25 hours and spent the last chunk writing an English essay on Hans Robert Jauss’ paradigm of reader response and putting it in direct negotiation with the long forgotton work Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. On a side note, I do not understand why it is not as highly regarded as her other works. Personally, I found it a lot more engaging and purposely comical as it is a direct parody of the Gothic tradition, which is a subsection of the Romantic movement than Jane Eyre, which was not suppose to be funny to my knowledge and taught me that in order for one to be loved they need to conform to societal standards rather than being an individual. 

In other news, I was going through my iPhone images and found this really great image of a guy weaving his way through cars, taxes, and busses on the means of transportation known commonly as a bike. I am particularly intrigued by his seeming fearlessness juxtaposed in direct negotiation of the cold machinery operating around him against the backdrop of NYC. Who else is inspired to 1) get a bike and 2) bike in NYC a city? I know I am.